Relaxation leads to focus

TinyParks is also the ideal location for creative business gatherings, meetings, outdoor team-building activities, and product presentations.  A green oasis in the middle of nowhere, yet centrally located. At TinyParks, we have three unique locations where you and your colleagues can completely distance yourselves from daily work life. Locations in the midst of nature where you can cook, exchange ideas, practice sports, relax and of course spend the night together in the most unique locations.

Being together

It comes around every year, time for the annual company outing. Especially in recent years, being TOGETHER and CONNECTING with each other has become essential. A day where pleasure, getting to know each other, and relaxing in an informal setting takes centre stage. Not in the office but somewhere else. TinyParks is that ‘somewhere else’; the small-scale, natural and unique setting of our locations even makes it possible for you to create your own ‘private’ location where everything is taken care of.


Not your average business accommodation, but exceptional multi-day company outings where we can get together and broaden our view of the world around us. We work with themes that fit in well with the corporate world. For instance, our location in the Ardennes is perfect for an outdoor experience, our forest location is ideal for going on walks or cooking together, and our tiny island of Tiengemeten provides the ultimate setting for privacy. Anything is possible; don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.