The New Getaway

Get away from your busy life

While other holiday parks are only upscaling and getting bigger, TinyParks is the ultimate getaway to escape the chaos of everyday life, to connect with like-minded people and above all, to enjoy good vibes and the great outdoors. Go back to basics and discover what really matters in life and what makes you feel happy!


Places that remain with you

With TinyParks, we want to create a unique camping experience when it comes to the type of accommodation, locations, and atmosphere. These are places where like-minded people can get together in a unique setting. While other parks are expanding and getting bigger, we want to go back to small-scale, intimate locations. With the small-scale nature of our parks, we can create a unique setting in terms of atmosphere, experience and contact. Our first location continues to be rated 9.6 a year after it was opened. That makes us incredibly proud! – Jochem Verheul